Colour in the Garden

summer flowersTo add colour to your garden during summer, it’s hard to beat “Flowering Annuals.” As they have only one season to grow and flower, they provide you with a dazzling display of bright flowers.

Whether it be Petunia, Marigold, Salvia, Portulaca, Livingstone Daisy, Zinnia, or Cornflower for hot sunny positions, or Impatiens and Begonia for cooler, shadier spots there is a choice to suit all tastes.


Prepare the area to be planted with a 15 to 20mm deep layer of Fiber Earth Garden Mix Plus – fork into the soil so it is mixed through the surface. This will condition the soil, improving fertility and supplying nutrients naturally. Plant the flowering annuals and water well. Finally add a 10 to 15mm deep layer of Garden Mix Plus to the surface, being careful to keep the Garden Mix Plus clear of the plant stems as it can burn.  This will help keep moisture in the soil, and reduce the need to water.

To keep them flowering

With Marigold and Salvia it is a good idea to pinch out the first flower bud as it forms, as this will cause the plants to branch and become bushier, and therefore have more flowers.   These plants will also benefit from “Dead Heading” – the removal of spent flower heads. This encourages the plant to develop more flowers.


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