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Fiber Earth Garden Mix Plus Mulch

Fiber Earth Mulch has a feel that you know it has to be good for the garden

So when I was approached by the good people at Fiber Earth to see if I wanted to try out a bag of their new Lucerne mulch I jumped at the chance.   I wasn’t sure how far a bag would go in my huge garden, but some mulch was better than no mulch.   Opening the bag revealed a couple of surprises.  Firstly – the bag was sealed in a way that upon opening changed it from a dense solid block to a mountain of fluffy mulch.  Fortunately I opened it in my wee trolley that I had used to drag the bag into the garden, so I didn’t lose a drop.

Fiber Earth Mulch

The mulch goes down so easily

The second thing was it was light, soft and fluffy and had a lovely sweet scent from the fermentation process.  You could just tell it was going to be good for the garden.  It went down on to the garden so easily and once in place it stayed in place.  I carefully mulched around the onions in the main garden and then stood back and did nothing for months.  There was nothing to weed and the onions grew steadily in their cosy mulched bed.

Mulchless onions

My Mulchless onions haven’t fared as well.

The mulchless onions in my overflow bed unfortunately didn’t benefit from the same treatment, and comparing the two – I think they flew into a jealous rage.  They don’t seem to have thrived as well – they certainly aren’t as advanced as the other onions and they have been on the weeding schedule as there have been all manner of interloper trying to claim squatters rights in that bed.


And now I have some big fat onions almost ready to be harvested.

So once again sometimes, somethings benefit from having the right product for the job, and I am extremely grateful to Fibre Earth for drawing my attention to something I had been looking for, for a long time, but never found anything that worked how I wanted it to.  I think this will be a must have in my garden from now on and my soil will thank me for it.

Come again soon – now the garden is in control, mostly, I can focus on other things.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

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