How does your Kai Garden grow?

With Fiber Earth Garden Mix Plus of course!

This month Fiber Earth’s owner, Michael Bell, donated bags of Fiber Earth Garden Mix Plus to the children of Reporoa Primary School.   The intention is for the children to learn in an outside garden environment whilst growing edible plants for the local community.

Their Treemendous Garden is a result of a grant from the joint Mazda Foundation / Project Crimson initiative received earlier this year.  The $10,000 granted had come to an end and they were looking for partners to enable their vision to be realised.   Being on the back door of Fiber Earth’s production facility in Reporoa, the partnership was a natural one.

Once the Garden Mix Plus is established into the gardens, the produce grown there will be strong, disease resistant and able to be harvested sooner than most vegetables growing in other mediums.  As the site is rather hot and windy, the product will also retain moisture to reduce the amount of watering required.

Enjoy the outdoor classroom kids and keep developing those green fingers!

Read more about this great initiative for New Zealand schools at

Michael Bell presents Garden Mix Plus to Reporoa Community GardenSchool gardensPutting the Garden Mix Plus on the community garden

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