Colour in the Garden

Thursday 15, February 2018

To add colour to your garden during summer, it’s hard…

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Vegetable Garden planting

Tuesday 5, December 2017

We received this enquiry from one of our Facebook friends…

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Sarah the Gardener blogs about Garden Mix Plus

Tuesday 14, November 2017

An excerpt from Sarah The Gardener’s blog Fiber Earth Mulch…

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How does your Kai Garden grow?

Tuesday 7, November 2017

With Fiber Earth Garden Mix Plus of course! This month…

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Sarah the Gardener trials Garden Mix Plus

Friday 27, October 2017

Sarah O’Neil is an author, blogger and passionate gardener writing…

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Carly Flynn talks Fiber Earth

Wednesday 11, October 2017

Bob Bell, son of founder Michael Bell, was interviewed by…

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Introducing Fiber Earth!

Thursday 28, September 2017

Introducing Fiber Earth and our new groundbreaking product, Fiber Earth…

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