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General Gardening

General Gardening

Garden Mix Plus will condition your soil, add nutrients, strengthen plant stems, promote vigorous growth, suppress weeds, retain moisture, attract worms and replace the need for manure, compost, mulch and fertiliser. It’s ideal for planting seeds and seedlings using an equal mix of topsoil.

A 100% natural mix of Lucerne and other plant materials chosen for their symbiotic growth promoters. It contains no artificial fertiliser. Fiber Earth’s unique fermentation process ensures the nutrients remain locked in the bag until ready to be used.

Each bag contains 70 litres. When used as a soil replacement in a no dig garden to a depth of 150mm, one bag will cover approx 1m². When mixed with garden soil at a 50/50 ratio one bag will cover approx 5m². When used as a mulch at a depth of 55mm one bag will cover approx 3m².

Between $21.99 to $29.99 per bag depending on retail store specials.

There are two options:

  • Place a 55mm thick layer on the soil surface and leave it to cure for 14 days before you plant. Any small weeds will be killed during this time and this layer will act as a mulch (preserving soil moisture) as your seedlings grow.
  • Mix 50/50 with your existing garden soil and plant seedlings straight away.

When Garden Mix Plus is removed from the bag it goes through a curing process and becomes very hot. If young plants are present at this time they can be burnt and killed.

All plants will benefit as Garden Mix Plus keeps roots cool in summer, helps retain soil moisture and reduces weeds while improving soil structure and supplying nutrients. It’s particularly useful when roots are close to the surface such as Citrus, Camellia, Rhododendron and Azalea. It’s very good in the vegetable garden around tomato, cucumber and courgette as it reduces splashing from watering which can be a source of fungal disease.

Garden Mix Plus is not ideal for use in containers or pots because the curing process can intensify and become hotter when restricted by pot walls so we cannot accurately predict when it will be safe to add your plants.

Garden Mix Plus is all you need to improve your soil structure, promote worms and supply nutrients. However, it is acidic in nature so adding lime after a year or two of use is recommended.