Made in New Zealand from renewable resources, Fiber Earth products not only look after your garden but are also kind to our natural environment. Free from additives and fertiliser, Fiber Earth garden products nourish your garden, naturally. It all starts with a great recipe.

Our natural gardening mediums are produced from a mixture of Lucerne and plant materials that contain symbiotic growth promoters, which go to work as soon as you add them to your garden.

Our unique proprietary process, called Controlled FermentationTM, ensures that all the nutrients remain locked in the bag until you are ready to open it. This clever process, makes Fiber Earth a standout.

What does Garden Mix Plus do?

  • Suppresses weeds
  • Retains moisture
  • Conditions soil
  • Mulch
  • Ideal for planting seedlings with a mix of topsoil
  • No dig gardens
  • Strengthens plant stems
  • Vigorous growth (as per garden trial – vegetables grew at three times the pace of those planted in normal top soil)
  • Brings worms to the garden
  • The Garden Mix Plus needs no additional fertiliser – the benefits of Lucerne contained within the product offer natural growing agents and long-term nutrients into the soil
  • Replaces the need for numerous bags of Manure, Compost, Mulch and Fertiliser.


Fiber Fresh, the parent company of Fiber Earth, is a highly innovative, customer focused, progressive family-owned company. Built from the ground up by founder Michael Bell, Fiber Fresh is celebrating three decades in operation.

Both Michael’s sons are now part of the management team and, together, the family is driving expansion into new countries with innovative products.

It’s a great Kiwi success story of a farmer who dreamed big, while keeping his business firmly rooted in his family and the land where his dream began.

Michael always believed that his Controlled FermentationTM process would revolutionalise plant growth in the domestic garden, and now he is sharing the secret with customers like you.