A New Way in Natural Gardening

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Fiber Earth gardening products are different from the rest. We use lucerne and other plant materials to create unique fibrous formulas that create natural exchanges of nutrients in your garden, invigorating growth and fertility.

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Garden Mix Plus keeps the weeds under control and gives all the plants a fantastic start

Baz Purcell Residential Gardener, Rotorua

Garden Mix Plus enriches and intensifies everything it comes into contact with and the yields are startling

Amanda Kohiti Jim’s Mowing, Taupo

I was surprised at how little I needed to plant my entire garden – it fluffs up to three times it’s bag size when opened

Judi Smith Begonia Lover, Taupo



garden fertility & healthy growth


soil structure & moisture retention


from additives & fertiliser


to use

You can safely use Garden Mix Plus anywhere in your garden to promote vigorous growth and plant vitality. Simply spread amongst plants and shrubs in your garden. The natural mulching effect will not only suppress weeds but will also protect and enhance the soil structure. Water and rain will gradually release this rich store of nutrients into the soil, feeding and nourishing the plant roots.

Garden Mix Plus replaces the need to use manure, compost, mulch and fertiliser.


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